?Alos “Riacamatrici” (2009, Barla Muerte)
One by One we are all a becoming Shades
Emily Plays
Andrea “ICS” Ferraris/John Russel “After-Dinner” (2014,frattonove)
Green Like July
Luminance Ratio “Like Little Garrisons Besieged (2009, Boring Machine, frattonove)
Luminance Ratio “Reverie” (2013, Bocian rec)
Luminance Ratio “Honey Ant Dreaming” (2016, Alt.Vinyl)
Luminance Ratio “Seven Inch vol.2”
Luminance Ratio “Seven Inch vol.3” (2009, frattonove, kinky gabber)
Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick “Soundproof” (2001, Camera Obscura)
Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick “No freeway, no plan, no trees, no ghosts” (2004, Camera Obscura, Urtovox)
Ultraviolet Makes Me Sick “Stuck In The Room Full Of Mirrors” (2008, Urtovox)
Alberto Boccardi/Lawrence English (LP, 2013, frattonove)
Pipeline Trio/Quintet
Giancarlo “Nino” Locatelli
Sigurtà Luca/Francisco Lopez (CD, 2013, frattonove)ópez-Luca-Sigurtà-Erm/release/4924940
Sigurtà Luca/Panicsville (LP, 2013, frattonove, kinky gabber)
Sigurtà Luca “Worm Glow” (CD, 2016, Monotype)à-Warm-Glow/release/7601547