foto_ermOUT NOW on frattonove records: FRANCISCO LOPEZ/LUCA SIGURTA’ “ERM” (2013, CD)_recorded, edited and mixed by Gianmaria Aprile@Argo LABoratorium. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi

This is a split album comprised of two very different tracks, which are nonetheless built around the same original material. The tracks could be described as a suite, divided in movements, of around 20 minutes each, which allow for the specific characteristics of the two musicians to emerge. Sigurtà delves primarily into drone-based territories drawing sonic landscapes oscillating between the ethereal and the concrete, often harboring a beat whereas López works with and within the minutiae of sound, penetrating into the most intricate textures and creating rhythmic patterns with glitches and fragments of sound, while keeping to a well defined and steady musical path. The Sigurtà / López split sees two generations, two worlds and two different approaches to music coming together on one single album.