MIDAS Venice 240

Looking for a quality studio console for your hard disk & midi production suite??.. Everyone talks about Mackie, Soundcraft (& Spirit), Behringer etc… the most common ‘home-project’ studio mixers. – But how about a bit of class! – a Midas console, world renowned amongst live consoles and used by top-end live system the world over… They now got these 3 juicey ‘Midas-Venice’ budget live consoles for less that £3k (UKP), and these boards are super-made and ideal for the type of studio work we do, where multiple inputs and quality EQ & routing/aux’s are more important that multiple sub-group outs for running dedicated big-multitrack feeds… so all this Venice series have 4 subgroups, ideal for routing to our pc/mac audio IN’s as dedicated feeds – check it out !!… take a look at the spec’s and checkout the large detailed image to see the features and quality – Yup a REAL Midas can be yours !!……

This is the 24/4 channel version Model: Venice 240, costing about 2200 UKP from etc… a superb console and you get top continuing support from Midas wherever you are worldwide!…

Download a high-res’ zipped image of the 240 (24/4 mixer) – 660kb – download



Features and Specifications Venice 160 Venice 240 Venice 320
Inputs (total) 30 38 46
Mono-Inputs (Mic/Line) with Inserts 8 16 24
Stereo-Line/Mono-Mic-Input Channels 4/4 4/4 4/4
Stereo-Effect-Returns (Line) 4 4 4
Stereo-Tape-Return (Line) 1 left/right
Busses 15
Subgroups 4
Aux Pre-Fader (Monitor) 2
Aux Post-Fader (Effects) 2
Aux switchable Pre/Post-Fader 2
Master L/R 2
Mono-PFL 1
Stereo-AFL 2
Subgroups (with Inserts) 4 impedanced balanced 1/4 inch jacks
Aux Pre-Fader (Monitor) 2 XLR (balanced)
Aux Post-Fader (Effects) 2 impedanced balanced 1/4 inch jacks
Aux switchable Pre/Post-Fader 2 XLR (balanced)
Master (with Inserts) 2 XLR (balanced)
Master B Out 2 XLR (balanced) (switchable Mono/Stereo, pre-post Fader) 2 XLR (balanced)
Tape Send (Recording) 1 Stereo (Phono)
Direct Outputs (1/4 inch Jack) 8 16 24
Stereo-Headphones 2 Stereo-1/4 inch jack
Stereo-Speakers 2 impedanced balanced 1/4 inch jacks
Additional Features
Connector for desk lamps 2 x 12V/5W (4-Pin XLR)
19“-rack-mounting- kit, yes
rotatable connector panel yes
Dust Cover (included)
12 V Desk Lamp (not included)
Input Transformer (not included)
Technical Data
Input Impedance
Mic 2 OhmBalanced
Line 20 Ohm Balanced
Input Gain
Mic Continuously variable 0dB to +60dB
Line (Mono Channell) Continuously variable -20dB to +40dB
Line (Stereo Channel) Continuously variable -10dB to +20dB
Line Level Inputs 0dB
Maximum Input Level
Microphone and Line +22dBu
Line Level Inputs (Mono) +42dBu
Line Level Inputs (Stereo) +22dBu
CMR at 1kHz
Mic (Gain +30dB) > 80dB
Line > 40dB
CMR at 100Hz
Mic (Gain +30dB) 70dB typical
Frequency Response (20Hz-20kHz)
Mic to Mix (Gain +60dB) + 0dB to -1dB
Noise (20Hz-20kHz)
Mic EIN ref. 150gain +60dB -129dBu
Mic EIN ref. 150gain 0dB -107dBu
System Noise(20Hz-20kHz)
Summing Noise (12 channels routed, faders down) -90dBu
Line to Mix Noise (12 channels routet at 0dB) -84dBu
Distortion at 1kHz
Mic to Insert (+30dB Gain. +20dBu Output) Typ 0,0007%
Mic to Master (+30dB Gain, +20dBu Output) < 0,009%
Crosstalk at 1kHz
Channel to Channel < -80dB
Mix to Mix < -80dB
Channel to Mix < -80dB
Fader Attenuation > 100dB
Switch Rejection > 100dB
Output Impedance
Line Outputs 75 Ohm balanced
Headphones to drive 32 Ohm
Maximum Output Level
Master Outputs +25dBu
Line Outputs +22dBu
Headphones +22dBu / 600
Nominal Signal Level
Microphone – 60dBu to 0dBu
Line 0dBu
Equaliser Mono Channel
Hi Pass Filter 2nd order Butterworth, 80Hz
Treble +/-15dB at 12kHz (Shelv)
Hi Mid Continuously variable 100Hz to 2kHz (1 Oct) +/-15dB
Lo Mid Continuously variable 400Hz to 8kHz (1 Oct) +/-15dB
Bass + /-15dB at 80Hz (Shelv)
Equaliser Stereo Channel
Treble +/-15dB at 12kHz (Shelv)
Hi Mid 3kHz (1,4 Oct) +/-15dB
Lo Mid 300Hz (1,4 Oct) +/-15dB
Bass +/-15dB at 80Hz (Shelv)
Size (mm/inch)
Width 490 / 19.3“ 698 / 27.5“ 906 / 35.7“
Depth 568 / 22.4“ 568 / 22.4“ 568 / 22.4“
Heights 194 / 7.6“ 194 / 7.6“ 194 / 7.6“
Weight (kg/lb)
16,4 / 36.2 21,1/ 46.5 25,8 / 56.9


OUT on frattonove records_Seven Inch Series vol.1 (coloured split 7″, 2012) : LUMINANCE RATIO/STEVE RODEN

LUMINANCE RATIO are Recorded by Gianmaria Aprile, mixed by Gianmaria Aprile & Luca Mauri

Luminance Ratio release their first split collaboration, featuring the American musician, artist and performer Steve Roden. Luminance Ratio present the new line-up which involves the experimental guitarist Luca Mauri and the noiser Luca Sigurtà, besides the original member Gianmaria Aprile and Andrea Ferraris. The band give us the track “Reoccuring Dreams”, which walks the thin line between electro-acoustic avant-garde and dreamy psychedelia. Steve Roden, by his side, presents the song “Marvelous Is Flairs”: arch drones, vocal loops and field recordings driven by a melancholic pulsation.